I know there’re a great many pantsers out there who feel that writing is just writing and writing and writing until its done. And if that works for you then great. I gave it a try once and found that pantsing is fine for flash or very short stories but anything longer than that means […]

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Word to your Mother

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Words. I like words. They let me say stuff or even write stuff down so I can explain things without having to resort to interpretive dance all the time. Yes, words are damn useful things. I also enjoy dictionaries, especially old ones like the, 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue. In this case, vulgar, means […]

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I’ve said it before…

I was trawling around the webs recently and I came across another list of tips from published, and occasionally well known, authors. You know the ones; two dozen writers saying the same thing over and over. Truth be told, we all know these rules, we just like to have them confirmed to us by people […]

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