Jenny Hodges as read by Fancy Buttons

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As it’s Halloween, I thought I’d do you a creepy poem. Then I thought I’d get Mr Fancy Buttons to record it. Then I thought I’d better put it all on the website along with the creepy illustration at the top of the page. So here it is: Jenny Hodges as read by Fancy Buttons […]

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And then it all went wrong

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I thought I should maybe probably write a little post to cover my tracks. You’ve probably noticed that after only a few weeks of the poetry challenge, I gave up. Well, there’s a good reason for that, I gave up cos I’m shit. You see, my plan was to read the week’s theme on a […]

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I’m Sexy and a Poet

C.J. Dennis, poet, journalist and comic, ca. 1910 / photographer unknown

We didn’t do poetry at school, as far as I can remember, although we may have skirted it on occasion. But mostly, thanks to the set system, I was one of those deemed not clever enough to bother teaching poetry to. So it passed me by. It was the Channel 4 show, 8 Out Of 10 […]

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