This is where you’ll find the hows and whys of writing. Not because I know it all, but because it’s nice to learn about and try different methods for plotting, planning and generally creating the written word. Also it’s great to discover you’re not the only one doing that weird thing you do to “get to know” your characters. You know what I’m talking about.


I know there’re a great many pantsers out there who feel that writing is just writing and writing and writing until its done. And if that works for you then great. I gave it a try once and found that pantsing is fine for flash or very short stories but anything longer than that means […]

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A book is a book is a book

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Books. They’re great. I’ve got loads of them and recently entered a competition to win fifty more despite not having room for the one’s I’ve already got. I’ve got shelves full of books in my living room. I’ve got a pile of them on my couch and I’ve got several on a makeshift shelf on […]

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Word to your Mother

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Words. I like words. They let me say stuff or even write stuff down so I can explain things without having to resort to interpretive dance all the time. Yes, words are damn useful things. I also enjoy dictionaries, especially old ones like the, 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue. In this case, vulgar, means […]

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What is a writer?

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You know those questions that seem so obvious, they shouldn’t need asking? Well this is one of those. Or at least, that’s what I thought. But it seems that some people have different ideas as to what constitutes a writer. Or an author, or novelist for that matter. The main issue seems to be whether […]

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I’ve said it before…

I was trawling around the webs recently and I came across another list of tips from published, and occasionally well known, authors. You know the ones; two dozen writers saying the same thing over and over. Truth be told, we all know these rules, we just like to have them confirmed to us by people […]

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The Problem With Planning

If, like me you spend so much time planning your stories instead of getting on and writing them, then maybe you can find a use for Mr Uku’s Story Development Technique. It’s free, so knock yourself out.

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