Freelance writer, Mr Uku.

Welcome to, Will Write For Cake. My name is Mr Uku (not really) and I’m a UK based freelance writer.

I earn my money from blogs. I help to build blogs, host blogs, maintain blogs and by writing blog posts on a variety of subjects. However, in the future I hope to make all my money from writing fiction.

To this end, I have a number of on-going projects. This is either because I have an enormous amount of faith in my ability to finish what I start, or it’s because I’m some sort of massive idiot. Whichever it is, here is a list of the projects I’m working on as of 03/04/2014

  • Monkeygeddon: A theme park based adventure-novel featuring death by monkey
  • Deathalopod: A sea based adventure-novel featuring death by squid
  • Bunco & Jaggs’ Circus: A collection of short stories told by Septimus Jaggs about the performers in his circus
  • Harry Character Is Not Dead: A novella about a man who finds himself in a parallel universe
  • Christina Horrid and The Four Little Grubbs: A happy little tale for children about a girl who plots the demise of her new siblings
  • The Tale of Skeleton Bob: A children’s story about a girl and her new dad friend who take on a supernatural serial killer
  • Max Height – Down The Drain: A children’s story about a small boy who is sucked down the drain one fateful bath night and his struggle to save the world
  • Any number of additional projects: If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s coming up with more and more ideas for stories. What can possibly go wrong?

When I’m not writing, I enjoy napping, drawing, wearing various hats, drinking coffee, eating pork products and photography.

On, Will Write For Cake, I hope to share my thoughts on writing and the methods I use. Not because I think I know best, but so others can see what works – or not – for me. If anything I publish here is useful to anyone else, then I’ve done my job. If it’s of no use to you, then I’ll just sit quietly and eat my cake.

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