P1000851Hello and welcome to, Will Write For Cake!

Mr Uku here, holding the door open for you so you can come in and have a look round. Get comfy, have some cake and a natter.

Over the years, this little site of mine has gone through a few changes and I’ve tweaked things yet again. As always, I feel I need to point out that I didn’t build this site to impart my wisdom on the world or because I know it all, I built it because writers need validation. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have bought many How to Write books and despite scouring through them you won’t have found the magic formulae you were looking for.

I discovered there is no formulae.

What you’re actually looking for, although you might not know it, is someone to tell you that the way you do things, is the right way.

The fact is, the way you do things is just one way. There is no right way either, but it’s nice to have someone say, “I do that too!”

And that’s why I built this site.

So forget marketing, forget branding, this site is here to simply put the fun back into writing and to give me a little space to show off.

What larks!

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