DisguiseDidja miss me?

I was gone for a while, but I came home because Will Write For Cake is a great place to be.

For those wondering, let me explain. A few years ago I had the great idea of creating a single website that I could use as a central hub for all the different things I do. That way I wouldn’t need to maintain several blogs at once. So I created MrUku.com and put all my eggs one basket. But it seems to have caused some confusion which I put down to it being a bit of everything. Nobody knew what to expect when they were over there. Was it about fiction writing? Freelancing? Marketing? Biscuits? You really couldn’t tell. [click to continue…]

Scratch that.

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I believe it’s been pretty well documented that I bloody love a nice bit of stationery. Who doesn’t?I have many pens, lots of pencils, a variety of inks and a vastness of notebooks. And I know I’m not the only one, especially when it comes to notebooks. I love a nice softback Moleskine, me. I […]

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The Faces of Harry Slade

As I’ve never written flash fiction before, I though it was about time I started.  And since today is National Flash Fiction Day, it seemed like a good day to, you  know…. start. So, here it is, my first flash fiction piece. The Faces of Harry Slade is a flash story based on an idea […]

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The Juggler

My other story for National Flash Fiction day is The juggler. Based on an idea for my Bunco & Jaggs Circus collection this story gave me the chance to test the theme. Hope you like it.

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Another year over

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Where on earth did all the time go?And more importantly, what the hell did I do? The answers to those questions seem to be eluding me for the present. In fact, 2011 seems to have been a total mystery and a potential waste of time. The general act of writing became a general huff of […]

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10 Random Facts

It’s happened again. I’ve been challenged/tagged/pushed over, this time by that Rebecca Brown, to do one of those random fact things. As usual I am torn between hating the damn thing and doing it because I’ve not written anything on this site for ages. So, for the sake of filling a gap in my busy […]

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I’ve said it before…

I was trawling around the webs recently and I came across another list of tips from published, and occasionally well known, authors. You know the ones; two dozen writers saying the same thing over and over. Truth be told, we all know these rules, we just like to have them confirmed to us by people […]

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The joy of rewrites

It seems like an age since I took part in NaNoWriMo back in November 2010. I finished my book, Monkeygeddon, and put it to one side. You know, like they tell you to. I’d planned on leaving it to one side for a month and the rewrites would begin in January. Then lot of stuff […]

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E-Books vs. Real Books: The Solution

I’ve wanted to write a post about the on-going battle between lovers of e-books and those who prefer “real” or printed books for quite some time. It was originally going to be an article to be pitched to Writing Magazine and was going to be called, Stop Your Incessant Whining. I’ve never bothered writing it […]

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